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Kitchen Design Consultation

Let us help bring your dream kitchen to life.

Planning a new kitchen or a renovation

Not sure where to start with your kitchen renovation? Our team of experienced kitchen designers can help. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your vision for your new kitchen. We will work with you to understand your needs and create a customised design that meets your budget and timeline.

Kitchen renovations can be an exciting but daunting task. There are so many choices to make, and it is hard to know where to start. Our team of experts can help you plan your dream kitchen and make the process easier. Our free kitchen design consultation service will help you figure out what you like about your current kitchen, what you would like to see in your new kitchen, and what features it needs to be fully functional. We will work with you to create bespoke kitchen designs that reflect your personal style and meet your practical needs. From lighting to backsplashes, to storage, we will make sure that every detail is perfect. 

Free Expert Consultation

Let our team help explore your options.

Create Budget & Timeline

We’ll work with you to fit a remodel into your schedule and budget.

No Hassle or Commitment

We’ll provide options, but you’ll always have the final decision.

Professional Service

"KWKitchens helped us choose a kitchen makeover. I found them excellent to deal with and the installation was done very professionally, on the date specified and to my specifications. The fitter provided a top-class professional service and I have no hesitation in recommending them"

Kitchen Design Ideas

 Planning a new kitchen or renovation can be quite stressful. We have a list of questions to help in the kitchen design ideas process.


  • What type of kitchen are you after, modern style or traditional?
  • How are you going to use your kitchen? Cooking obviously. Dining in. Entertaining in. Living In.
  • Your budget's price and top price? You really need to decide on this, at the start.
  • What are your must-haves?
  • What would it be nice to have if it's in your budget?
  • Layout design, configuration. L shape? U shape? Kitchen Island? Galley kitchen? Combination.
  • The key positions of the Sink-Hob-Oven-Fridge. The triangle of cooking in the kitchen.
  • How much storage is needed in the base and wall units? What about tall wall units. Tall larder and appliance units.
  • Corner pullouts or carousels? Pull down wall unit trays. Internal pullout draws. Can all help to get access to the items in the cabinet.
  • Any seating positions for dining or breakfast needed?
  • Type of worktops? Standard laminate or solid wood, acrylic, or quartz/granite. This is a big-budget decision and affects the cost of the kitchen.
  • Splash-back panels or wall tiles? Type of material. 
  • Type of sink and tap. Note the type of worktop will affect the options.
  • Types of Appliances. Position: High-level ovens and microwaves for easy access.
  • Do you need more space? Extension.
  • Open shelves create a feature.
  • Open wall or base units also create a feature. Wine racks or plate racks.
  • Lighting. Under and over.
  • Colour and Styles of doors and drawers fronts - handles.


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Our Finished Kitchen Installations

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Baked Daily Quiche of the Day £8.60 with a choice of Rosti, chips, wedges, jacket or new potato + salad

Steak or Meat Potato Pie. £8.60 choice of Rosti, chips, wedges, jacket or new potato + Salad.

Singapore Noodles with mixed vegetables in a spicy oriental style sauce £7.50

Brisket Beef Burger on a bap with salad or chips £5.90

Cajun chicken panini & salad £6.20

Coronation chicken & Salad £7.70

Chicken Kebab & Salad £6.50

Tuna Mayo & Salad £7.35

Baked Potato Bacon Brie Cranberry or Coronation Chicken or Tuna Mayo & Salad £7.35

Baked Potato Beans or Cheese £6.50

Half Stuffed Potato & Salad £4.25

Caesar Salad £5.60  Chicken Caesar Salad £6.80

Full Baked Potato £3.50

Salad Bar £4.90 Tomato/Peppers/Red Onion/Lettuce/Beetroot/Potato.

Toasted Bagel with choice of Bacon Brie & Cranberry / Salmon & Cream Cheese / Ham Cheese Tomato. £6.25

Scotch Broth & Bread Roll £6.90

PILLORY HOUSE FULL BREAKFAST: £8.90 Bacon Egg Sausage Tomato Mushrooms Beans & Toast. Extra’s Black Pudding or Rosti £1.00. Option of Vegetarian £7.60

Panini choice of Bacon cheddar cheese tomato & salad or Smoked Salmon mozzarella rocket or Turkey or Ham cheddar& cranberry or Bacon Sausage & Mushrooms. £7.70

Club Sandwich £6.60 Fish Goujons £3.90 Gipsy Toast £3.60Sausage Roll & Salad £4.80

Scrambled Egg Smoked Salmon & Toast £7.30

On Toast: Beans £4.40 Egg £4.20 Cheese £4.50 Avocado £4.90 Scrambled Egg £4.70

Belgian Sweet Waffle £2.50

Wraps with Salad £7.70 chicken bacon stuffing / turkey salad / chicken mayo /Greek feta cucumber tomato basil / smoked salmon rocket & crème fraiche/ cheddar& chutney / tuna mayo & red onion/ tuna & cucumber.

Toastie £6.80 beef & onion / ham & cheese / cheese & tomato / cheese & onion.

Soup of the Day/Bread £6.20   Ploughman’s £7.90

Sandwiches & Rolls £6.70 Chicken Salad / Tuna Mayo / Chicken Tikka/ Cheddar & Coleslaw/ Chicken & Bacon / Coronation Chicken/Turkey Bacon & Cheddar/ Bacon Brie & Cranberry.

Avocado Chicken Prawns Bacon on Toast £8.50

Singapore Curry Noodles £4.00 Japanese Curry Rice £4.00

Long Grain Rice £2.00 Pasta Bake £6.80

Extra’s £2.50 Roll & +Butter/Chips or Wedges/Garlic Bread


Bakewell Tart / Chocolate Cake/ Carrot Cake / Lemon Cheesecake / Chocolate Cheesecake / Victoria Sponge / Coffee & Walnut / Lemon Buttercream / Farmhouse Fruit Loaf/ Banana Loaf / Lemon Drizzle Loaf. £4.75

Spotted Dick & Custard £6.00. Big Apple Pie £5.25.

Sultana or Cherry Scone £2.95 Jam & Clotted Cream £2.95 Bakewell Slice £2.95

Ricotta & Pear Cheesecake Peach Cheesecake £4.95

Snugbury’s Ice Cream. £3.90 scoop £5.00 two scoops

SANDWICHES / ROLLS: Avocado Toast & Scrambled Egg£4.70 Fruit Bread Toasted £3.70 Bacon £4.70 Bacon & Egg £5.70 Sausage £4.70 Vegetarian Sausage £4.70.

White or Brown Toast & Butter £1.15 Toasted Crumpet & Butter £1.40

Toasted Teacake & Butter £2.30 Cheddar Cheese on Toast £4.40 Fried Egg on Toast £3.95

Toasted Bagel £2.30 Baked Beans on Toast £4.10

Childrens Options: Chicken Nuggets & Beans £3.90 5” Pizza £3.90 Beans on Toast £2.50 Half Sandwich £2.50 Wedges or Chips £2.50

PLAIN OMELETTE with salad & bread roll & butter £6.50

Fillings £1.00 each Cheese, Ham, Mushroom, Cheese & Onion, Bacon.

FRUIT BOWL & YOGURT blueberries raspberries banana £4.90