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Frequently Asked Questions

Walk in Showroom.

Link to our virtual showroom. We don't have walk in showrooms. Our manufacturers do, they are in Co. Durham and Cookstown N. Ireland.This is the link to the showroom.

How can we see what you offer?

Our website has a lot of information about us, the products and services we offer. Arranging a free home consultation will start the process. We have completed over 700 projects this way. Choose the colours and style in the comfort of your own home. We have 73 colours to choose from and 26 styles. Kitchens By Finish, design ideas of colours, styles, worktops and splash backs. Four sections with hundred and ten kitchen designs.

Do you do bespoke made to measure doors and cupboards?

Yes we do.

Do you do solid wood doors?

Yes we do.

Kitchen Makeover. How do you cover the existing colour on the cabinets?

We remove the existing panels and fit new ones or use adhesive vinyl, when there is no room for a side panel. This product is made for refurbishing cabinets.

What area's do you cover?

South Cheshire North Staffordshire North Wales Whitchurch Market Drayton.

What warranty do your kitchens have?

We have four main suppliers of kitchen doors most offer a seven year warranty. Twelve months on solid wood painted doors. Suppliers are PWS, BA Components, Uform, East Coast Fittings. 

What’s the lead time for orders?

This is difficult to answer, it depends on the time of year. On average about 2 months. The doors panels and trim are made to order they are not off the shelf.

What does an average makeover cost?

Our average size refurbishment is a four day job £3000 to £5000 including fitting and worktops, sink and tap.

What's the average cost of a changing the kitchen cabinet doors?

£1400 to £2000 for an average size kitchen fifteen to twenty doors. This includes panels and trim. Including fitting.

Do you cover the colour on the edges of the existing cabinets.

As standard we cover the existing colour showing when the doors are closed. We are happy to quote for covering all the edges of the existing cabinets.

What’s the difference between a new kitchen and a renovation?

A new kitchen is a blank page the existing kitchen is removed and a new one designed and fitted. One alternative to this is to change every thing just as the new kitchen, but reuse the sound existing cabinets. This process saves on time, costs, mess and less waste. Any damaged units can be replaced. Average savings for a makeover is 40 to 50%.

Whats the cost of a average size new kitchen.

Using standard materials including worktops £5000 to £8000 fitted. Depends on the number of cabinets and length of worktop. Type of appliances. Average kitchen is fifteen doors.

What do you specialise in?

Replacement kitchens cabinet doors and renovations is 75% of our work.

Do you do new kitchens?

Yes we do. 

Do you charge for home design consultations?

No we don't. 

Do you have sample doors?

Yes we do and they are free of charge. Use our build your kitchen to choose the colours and styles you like.

Kitchen Design.

We will help design a new kitchen or plan a remake and redesign using the existing cupboards. Adding new ones where needed.