Kitchen Worktops Splashbacks

Laminate Wood Granite Quartz Acrylic Transform the look and feel of your kitchen with eye-catching worktops.

Built for Daily Use

Easy-to-clean & resistant to scratches, high temperatures, and abrasions.

Multiple Styles and Finishes

Choose from granite, quartz, acrylic, laminate and solid wood.


Enjoy high-quality finishes at affordable price points

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Types of Worktop


The most popular and cost-effective surface. The improvement in modern technology, surface structure, means no compromise on design and style and quality of this practical material. They also have matched upstands and splashbacks. 

Solid laminates, available in 12mm and 19mm. The thinner options are becoming more popular and designers are moving towards specifying them. These are solid laminate with no chipboard base.

Fairly hard-wearing. Generally laminates cannot be repaired.

Solid Wood.

Finishes like European Oak, Black Oak, European Walnut, Maple and Beech. They can be sanded and worked on. On the negative side, they need oil treatment twice a year. Two to three times the cost of the standard.

Acrylic Solid Surface. 

Available in 12mm 20mm 25mm thickness in solid acrylic and up to 50mm using acrylic with a backing. They bring the finishing touch and look to a modern kitchen and are used commercially in shops kitchens hotels offices. 

We can cover old worktops with 6mm.

Seamless joints, smooth uninterrupted surfaces, integrated drainers, under-mount sinks are all features of this beautiful and tactile material. Can be sanded repaired and polished. Whether being used in a domestic kitchen as a work surface or commercial project such as hotel, retail, healthcare or transport, the design capabilities are endless. Hot pans 240 degrees. Can be repaired. Three to four times the cost of the standard.

Prices vary a lot depending on the type, quality and colour. 


With a high gloss surface finish and the high performance making it one of the choices for a modern kitchen. Quartz surfaces or quartz is a man-made, composite stone consisting of 93-95% quartz and 5-7% polyester resin. Controlled colour. Four to five times the cost of standard.


A natural product like coal and wood the planet created it. Granite is a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock that mainly consists of quartz, mica, and feldspar which makes it perfect for worktops and vanity tops. You cannot be sure of getting the same colour design from each piece so make sure each length is from the same cut, even then it can vary in pattern and colour.