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Kitchen Layout Options

The shape and size for your kitchen does tend to dictate what type of kitchen layout can be achieved. Large kitchens can have a combination of the standard layouts. Internal walls can be removed to change the layout and increase the floor space.

Galley Kitchens

Galley and double galley kitchens tend to be long and narrow, they can be very efficient to work in. As with all kitchens separate the key areas of cooking, preparation and cleaning. The length of the kitchen may afford two sinks, one for preparation the other for washing up or do you prefer to have a dishwasher. Make maximum use of wall units, consider glass in the wall unit doors or even open wall units giving a feeling of more space. Double galley kitchens need to be wider if you are having worktops on each side or you could have worktop on one side and wall units on both sides giving room for a table and chairs on one side. Kitchen units can be made to any depth and height suitable for the design. Alternatively leave room at one end of the kitchen for a table. Put microwaves and other kitchen tools like blenders in wall units for more worktop space. Even bread bins can be kept off the worktop.

U Shape and L Shape Kitchens

U shape and L shape kitchens are popular and more common in the houses of today they both offer good storage. The awkward storage areas are the corners of the kitchen worktops, there are a number of solutions for these areas such as carousels and corner optimisers. Plan for the wall and base units to take all your cooking and storage tools to keep the worktop space clear. Think about the positioning of large pan draws, internal basket pull out draws, integrated waste bins. Consider the working height of ovens and microwaves, use tower units or wall units to put them at a height where they are easy to use. Table and chairs have more space in the L shape kitchen. Note. the less joints you have in a worktop the better and corners create joints. 

Island Units

Island units tend to be used in large U shape or L shape kitchens or even wide double galley kitchens. They have become more popular and are being used just for more worktop space and a sitting area. In some cases sinks and hobs are fitted to provide either an extra cooking area or washing area however this can be more involved as it requires the services to be provided which usually means cutting out the floor for waste and power supplies.


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